Baghdadi Tapestry Double Red Cross (6x7 feet)

Baghdadi Tapestry Double Red Cross (6x7 feet)

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Baghdadi tapestry, wool on wool, 60-70 years old, 6x7 feet.

This is such a great example of this style of weaving using symbols for positivity and productivity.

This type of piece would be made by the ladies in the family to bring good luck to the home and brighten up the traditional spaces around the fireplace, the center of home life.

It looks great in front of windows (beware of too much direct sunlight though) or hanging over a bed. They can work well on the floor too, but because of their years need to be in low-traffic areas.

This type of twisting thick, naturally dyed wool, and hand weaving into a heavy, but loose piece of material is called 'bayeta' fabric and is found in traditional communities all over the world, from Iraq to Peru. It's a very special heirloom style from southern Iraq and it's great to preserve and display them, they have survived so much.

*It is hand sewn down the middle, so there will be some inconsistencies in the seam. There are also natural wear and tear marks, but nothing major.

*Note: A tapestry is a thin flat-weave textile traditionally meant for hanging on the wall.

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